September 28 2022

New version 1.2 for a85al Arduino simulator

New release for a85al, attiny85 emulator, the version is 1.2. Many fixes and added, now the simulator is capable to run more sketchs using the EEPROM memory and i2c bus. Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed EEPROM managemnt.
  • Fixed TTL USB Serial Port timeout.
  • Fixed the Pins buttons.
  • Added Disassembler window in Debugger section.
  • Added F4, F7 and F5 keys for the debugger, F5 Step by Step feature, F7 for Step Over
  • Added USI port emulation (It is partialy emulated and only Two--Wire mode).
  • Added fake leds for every pin on PORTB.
  • Added support for PCINT irq.

You can grab it dowloads page. Enjoy!!!!!